It’s past nine, my brain is beat, but due to the annoying fact that my hair is still dripping wet and I can’t go to sleep in this state, I’m writing. I should have been writing many hours ago IF we got home earlier, but being a part of a now-full-time-pastor’s family meant many unforeseen circumstances, ministry-wise, so I have to fold my entire whinery into a small crumpled piece of paper and tuck it inside my brain. Better, if it disappears.

First of all, congratulations on my brother who slayed a whopper on that guitar in this afternoon’s P&W where the core members were um, late. Still late. We should work on that later on (and Jona had an excuse). But the nice thing is the younger girls did so well in their tambourine routine, and I think today’s a nice level up from last Sunday’s.
It’s only way up from here.

Oh, and Junjun talked to me earlier about the kids’ choir. I know. It’s heartbreaking not to see children singing their lungs out for the Lord. Or just sing their lungs out for something. I’ve seen miracles like that happen and I’m all in for it. Hopefully, this Sunday, we could start a new strategy for the kids’ ministry.

Reyan saved pictures of me. GIRL, I HOPE YOU DON’T USE THAT AS PANAKOT SA DAGA.

Meanwhile, the life of a pastor’s kid:


Earlier this week, I’ve been stressed out by a project that I have been meaning to let go of, since it’s not working both ways. I seem to have outgrown it and I will be busy with much editing this September, so let’s see what happens.

My Althea box came in this week and I NOW HAVE RASPBERRY HAIR VINEGAR. REJOICE!!!! So far, it works nicely like a conditioner but my hair is as thick and frizzy as ever. Also: I broke the lipstick I bought. Trust me not to take care of my cosmetics.

Writing-wise, I AM ON MY LAST TWO CHAPTERS, EVERYONE. Of course, there’ll be a lot of heavy editing after this, which includes:

  1. An overhaul of my Chapter 1, which is the most crucial chapter of all
  2. Looking up the plotholes and erase unnecessary scenes
  3. Remove redundant conversations, because I MAY have plenty of them

Trust me, I’m excited. I’m looking for the perfect copyeditor to give this assignment to. As much as I want a local editor, I think I need the opinion of someone who knows YA books and publishing, Praying for that person. I don’t have a lot to give right now, but he / she will have a damn good prayer buddy / eternal friend in me.

August is slooowly nearing its end, but frankly, to me, it’s one of the year’s most productive months. I’m so, so glad to move forward with my MS. And career-wise, I may have to let go of some to take hold of new things.

Stay excited, shall we? x