Finally, a Week in Tweets post! It feels like I haven’t written in this column for, what, weeks? Or maybe it’s just me, but my apologies. My weekends have been busy and reporting things wasn’t part of my to-do list. It is now, though, so please bear with me.

So many good stuff happened this week! I forgot what they are, but I feel good now, and that’s a good sign. Maybe it’s because I started drafting my query, revised Chapter 1 (which is the chapter I always revise), and I’m moving on to Chapter 20 today, which means there’ll be 7 chapters left to write before the YOU KNOW WHAT. I am excited. I was on the edge of sharing my first chapter to close friends but I don’t know. I want to surprise them. But maybe I should, for the sake of beta?

Anyways, here’s how my week went.



Me, last year:

Okay, I think I remember now, but Monday was the day when I got many additional projects, and most of them were answered prayers.


It’s also my brother’s first week working at a company under DTI and I hope he’s having a blast!

And then, sad news. Ate Winnie died.

Wondering what my WIP is all about? Here:



Heto pa ang mas nakakatawa:

My plan after Saltfolk:


Writing a story is in itself, torture

Somehow, I think I have matured?


When I read my old works and remembered what it was for, I CRINGE

A medal by my chest: