First of all, congratulations to the world for surviving one of the toughest weeks ever in human history. Okay, so maybe your idea of tough and my idea don’t exactly meld together, but this week was savage, in many aspects. I’ve heard news about beaches drying and storms lashing on the other side of the world. And then there’s the news, which convinced me that those sat in the higher office are more immature than actual children. And there’s my mom, who was a wonder woman, who tried to be a mom, a mechanic and a boss, when she handled this week’s plumbing problem. Without my dad (who was in his pastoral assignment). But thank God He’s always here.

So now, onto my week:


Irma’s aftermath

I guess this week was my mom’s week. Here’s the first wave:


On Tuesday, I finally have an overview of Saltfolk, and look:

Then, we had guests…


Okay, so this was one of those beautiful moments when I just admire my mom even more. READ THE THREAD.

I truly, tremendously am.

Remember this declaration from January? Well, I’m getting somewhere.

Me, this dream < My mom's dream


Still, my mom doing the wonder that she is:


This was the only thing I came up on a Friday.



A reminder for tunnel walkers.