What just closed this week? August. The month of decisions and letting go, and to me, those were good signs. I have to empty my hands to allow God to fill it again, and the only thing I need right now is focus and prayer.

Last month, I successfully finished a good draft for Saltfolk, and I am currently revising it. You know; polishing the edges, shaping the curves, making the book a lovely experience. I called it a thing for the fuzzies, and somehow, there’s a lot of laughs thrown in, thanks to my boy Lucy, who was an awesome MC even though he wasn’t the actual lead hero. The real hero? He’s… going to arrive sometime later.

Now, if there’s anything I want to be thankful, it was last night’s semi-reunion with the Avendaños. If only tita Betty and tita Tess were home, and so did the rest of our cousins; we’d probably blow the house up. But since a lot of us were on the other sides of the world, we just remembered their names as we dug into our feast, which was a contribution from each families. By the time we all lounged in the sala, Coby was alive in making his antics. Such a big squishy that kid is.

I’m also thankful that Youth Worships at SIUMC are now held on Saturdays, which means we could go straight home after worship… or after lunch. Whatever the case. I am ecstatic. In today’s worship, I finally led the kids’ choir and they sang a wee bit louder than normal (and we had high-fives during Sunday School as props to that). We’re incorporating choir songs during Sunday School and hopefully we all get used to a new rhythm.

Also, today: is it possible to get broke in buying just food? BECAUSE I JUST DID THAT. Spent $100 today and I’m like, where did my money go?

This week has been tiring but definitely eventful; so much that I’m always feeling hungry every now and then. But I’ve got sweets stocked in my house and Barbie Almalbis’ Dahilan on repeat. Pretty soon, my story’s Part 1 will be done and that gives me the confidence of being ready to query.

After that… the entire story. Can’t wait for you to read it. I don’t know what God has planned for it, but I do hope it blesses you and puts a smile on your face in the near future. Meanwhile, onto more work; and onto more doors to knock open.

x, C