First of all, I realized that I haven’t taken a lot of outdoor photos from SIUMC, unlike in NV9 where every day was a lovely chance to take a nice shot — kids running barefoot, blue sky, green grass, lots of trees, and a small shack where we held our worship in the most humble way possible. I did take some photos today, not involving my parents looking exhausted / sleeping (OKAY WAIT I THINK I HAD SOME OF THAT).

Today was a series of unfortunate events. We left our home late, Jett had to stop by AUMC to retrieve the keys he lost, then the crew at McDonald’s gave us the freaking wrong food BUT it’s okay. We rode an air-conditioned bus, got in church in time for kids to practice, and they really sung well. I’m proud of my new alagas.

Of course, PJ WASN’T paying attention and Joffrey is there, after a long time of not seeing him. And know another secret? THE KIDS LOST THE VISUAL AID so I was just mouthing and re-enacting the words so they could sing with me O DIBA EFFORT

At lunch, me and my brother got a chance to talk to our mom about her business, which, she admitted, has been stressing her out. After an entire day of working at her cookies, only one canister was sold. It was heartbreaking. Of course, we didn’t want her to give up because of that. We want her to rest. We want her to enjoy life so she could still be happy and healthy by the time I or my brother gets married and our parents, finally, have their own grandchild. LORD LET IT BE ME. Pero Lord, let’s finish the book first!

Before we got home, I had a chance to talk to Junjun who was one of the church’s bright and busy leaders, helping her husband as he linked the speakers (SIUMC HAS NEW SOUNDS, Y’ALL) which he donated himself so the come next Sunday, we’ll all feel like we’re in a digital surround. Okay, maybe not that. Junjun asked me about me, which is a rather boring story, but I did tell her I was writing a story, and that I still haven’t gotten a boyfriend, still, because I was focused on my ambitions. She told me that she didn’t have such plans when she was young, and by 28, she asked her then-boyfriend-now-husband if he would put a ring on it or she’d move on. He put a ring on it. They have a lovely child.

I think we all differ in dreams. But the things that make us whole, as a woman, specifically, are just doing the things we loved. Junjun was doing that. And me, the same. Only, different paths.

We stopped by Robinson’s before we got home and look, ice cream! Also, we finally discovered where the deathly smell was coming from at the back of our house. It wasn’t a dead cat. It was uncooked chicken. Mom didn’t stop until she sanitized the entire sink before she sat to dinner and rested. Meanwhile, my dad watched between his basketball game and CNN’s live feed of Florida Keys where Hurricane Irma is about to land.

Somehow, I had a good feeling about Saltfolk, which covers something similar (it was set in a fictional province in the Philippines), and hopefully, it could inspire. I don’t know. I always ask God to give me this literary break in my prayers, but the ball is ALWAYS in His court. And I trust Him to make the right shot. All. The. Time.

Be safe this Sunday. x