The night is deep, let’s make this quick. Words count faster than a blink. I do believe so, even though ironically, I ended up hitting 85,000 words on my good draft this Tuesday, something which I am trimming, or still revisioning, for the fall openings for queries. I am excited. And scared.

Last night, I wrote a little letter and it might just be the cornerstone to a new writing project I think I will embark on after Saltfolk. A writer’s work never ends.

I still do want Saltfolk to see the light of day.

At Sunday School, we talked about Abraham and Isaac. And that life-changing moment when God tells you He would take your dearest possession in the world. In the Bible, it sounded heroic and easy, but in real life, that would hurt. That would hurt a lot. But God is God. He doesn’t step back or cave in or get bargained with. He is Number One. If that time comes I have to give up something, or someone, so that I could show Him my faithfulness, may He give me Abraham’s heart, because that’s no easy task.

The kids and I made sheep origami crafts. We had fun.

My dad watched television louder than the usual. He’s been having problems with his ear. I hope it gets treated.

I took pictures from my phone. Here is one.

God took care of us this week in ways I am still profoundly amazed. A list?

  • Got paid for my projects, which is crucial for my October finances
  • Finished my MS draft, started revising
  • Jett got injured on the way to the office, got back up, still had the wound but life goes on. Hope it heals quick
  • Mang Arthur fixed the water tank + plumbing problem and my mom held it together during the mishap
  • Finally paid my taxes
  • The weather has been really hot but seeing the sky slowly turn Christmas-y changes everything
  • My SIUMC kids sang nicely this morning
  • Edited Ch 10 and 11 with a great overhaul on my heroine’s way of thinking. I guess I really had to have someone beta this
  • Bought cake. THAT’S RIGHT. There’s cake in the fridge and I am a happy girl.

I’m hoping God will be as enough for all of us this coming week. He never fails. x