October is that gooey long-stare at something so distant but approaching. It’s the warm feeling at the bottom of the chair as I wriggle my legs underneath my desk in anticipation. And then, finally, it’s that long sigh of relief after seeing something finish so well, I want to stare at it and ogle at it forever. October, in most parts of the world, is where leaves glow in auburn color and drop down like dandelion needles covering the ground. October is the end, and the beginning of something.

I finished SALTFOLK this month. Just as scheduled, I anxiously put it out there for DVPit, which was received by a small number of people whom I would always be grateful for opening their door (so I could get my one foot in). It wasn’t as exhilarating as the first time I joined the Twitter pitching program, thanks to being distracted by world news, but I got what I need, and I comfort myself with that. A few people left nice comments, and I have started querying agents who liked my pitch, one of which who asked me for a full. And, when I thought I was going to rest from writing, I discovered that I was heading down a rabbit hole with no way out.

The outline for my potential second book, FIFTH THE FIRST, contains a nice follow-up in Fifth’s perspective. Yep. It’s his turn. And I am excited for him just as how I’m excited for Elie. I wish Elie makes it to the outside world though.

But if there’s one thing I can comfort myself with, as of now, an agent has read / is reading SALTFOLK. And yes, Lucy is wild and crazy.

And now, an assessment of other things

Work: After turning over my MS for querying (which I always edit one way or another after it was sent, because I am like that), I am focused on getting projects so I could earn that much-needed holiday moolah. I have new clients (YAY!), and just like the ones I have worked before, they’re wonderful and unique and God uses them to be channels of blessings  / lessons for me. So far, I have enough projects to keep my finances sane. But I have a lot of time in my hands and I could use those extra hours to craft a copy, which is why I’m looking for a few more assignments.

Ministry: My kids at SIUMC started singing nicely on Sunday Worship, and we’ve gotten past Jacob’s story in Sunday School, which is rad. Just last Sunday, we had this amazing trick-or-treat thing under the guise of a Bible Quiz which my kids answered amazingly. I love it when we do something different. Oh, and I’m looking for a Sunday School assistant which I could train to take my place if ever the inevitable happens. Whatever that inevitable is.

New Things: I was a guest speaker at Atlag UMC’s U-Turn! And no, it wasn’t as warm as I expected (the entire feeling was literally cold), but I thank my girls for making the little encounter worthwhile. The talk with Roxane, especially when she confided things she never did to anyone before (“because nobody asked,” she implied), was what put me back to my humble-bed. And yes, I just offered to hire Moy for our album project, because that’s what you do: hardworking people earn their labor.

Personal: Tired and worn-out, literally; perhaps that’s due to the cold, gloomy weather. But maybe, just maybe, my body is winding down from all that excitement of writing I had this year. You know, author’s stuff, when you just jolt out in the middle of your sleep because an idea landed in your head. I am still wide awake at night, though. There’s a new song sitting in my voice recorder, which is not exactly new, but an upgraded, still-teensy version of Pages, which I could probably use for SALTFOLK, in case I still haven’t figured out the Stars Have No Maps.

Achievements: Woman, Create, CC’d me an email that says we’re part of the 2018 365 Wonders journal. That’s right, folks. My poem is out there, again. I just finished my preorder and received the receipt today. Other than that, I also wrote something else this month too: COLLECTING CONSTELLATIONS, a short story inspired from two kids from NV9, was finished just in time (well, I tried to) to submitted to We Need Diverse Books’ contest for a 2019 anthology, HEROES NEXT DOOR. I don’t know of my chances, but God made it clear to me: put your work out there.

I think I already have a motto for 2018. But in the meantime, I have November and December to survive. x