Hello and welcome to another bite-sized round of snark and sappy, because here, we get the best of both worlds. DVPit this week, something that I have been looking forward to after finishing my manuscript revision by September (wait, who am I lying to? I’m still revising it even TODAY). It wasn’t as crazy as the first time, since I was now pitching with intention. See how a few months changed me.

Anyways, this week also meant a lot more things. Please take a peek at what it was for me:


I don’t remember why I tweeted this, but it must be related to the fact that things are coming to fruition even so early in the morning?

Also, after DVPit, this:


HA HA HA huhuhu

I’m saying this beforehand, dear agents:

The kids at the group chat were being kids, and by that I meant excited?


I had a date with Miko!!! We were at the mall ALL THE TIME and we saw my dad, who was getting his car fixed and going back to his church, buying groceries for his food stock. And when I thought he was gone when I got home, well,

A MIRACLE JUST HAPPENED and I think our little 2018 project is right on track?

It’s the gift that keeps on giving.


This man is a genius in making my heart weep.

I am so proud to share this:


Weird dream of the week!

I saw an author’s tweet about his publishing journey, and how he went through 90+ agent rejects and 70+ publisher rejects. Well, look! His book is about to be released on 2020!

No lie. But please, read the thread.

Getting back to my word work! Have a lovely weekend, hun. x