There are distant sounds of frogs croaking and cows mooing. Last night’s storm isn’t done from its lashing, and hey, there’s a one-foot pile of water sitting outside our gate, waiting to creep into our garage. Aside from that, I grew up. Not in inches, but in a wake-up-and-realize things kind of way. I grow up like that. And this time, in realizing my clothes were teenybopper-ish and I need to act my age.

But hurray, rejoice! This morning, I received an email requesting my full manuscript. MY FIRST FULL!!!!! And yes, I may not get the green light but sometime in my life, I could be proud that somewhere, someone I don’t personally knew (who was in publishing and was truly good in her craft) read my whole story. I could die happy. Lucy should be smirking snarkily somewhere.

My head and heart was all over the place this week, perhaps my brain winding down from all the SALTFOLK stress (and my lack of future). I guess writers go through some sort of withdrawal, right? I mean, I started writing FIFTH THE FIRST. That isn’t withdrawing, right?

Here’s my Week in Tweets:


Ah, yes. I busied myself in organizing the list of agents (about 40+ of them) to send my query to.


Okay but excuse me, I listened to Girls Generation too.

One of my best dreams:


Sometimes my rambles are made with best intentions


OMG THIS DREAM. CAME. OUT OF NOWHERE. I’m to embarrassed to actually tell the details because 1.) it made no sense 2.) they ate ate a small table just outside the freaking venue and 3.) that cellphone was a prize for attending (because only a few did), and it’s an old 3310-ish thing COME ON.

In the light of the news related to depression:


Which somehow triggered me and thus…


Meanwhile, I am proud to say that I tweeted this: