Oh, this is tasty. By tasty, I meant “something you’ll want to sink your teeth into,” because there’s so many things I want to say. And, true, the stuff I practiced inside my head flew out of the open when I was ACTUALLY speaking, but I think God let me say things I had to say (minus the gory details), because those were the only necessary.

I landed my ass back in Atlag, but not after a series of unfortunate events which involved me not having any load to reply to my brother. I think I walked to three different stores before finding actual people who can pass a hundred electronic bucks to my credit and tell my brother I’m in the area. And when I got there, well, things were pretty cold, figuratively and literally. But I got nice hugs from my girls, and my former-little-boys were actually grown men, and I was so glad to have little chats with them. I’ll be saying things at random.

I would have loved to catch up with my girls, but at least I had a nice sit-down with Precious and Luz, who are both taller than me? And my sweet little Angel will always be my baby but SHE IS A LADY NOW my Sunday-School-mom heart is crying.

Kiko is still the king in the drums. God, that kid. And was he leading a cell group that night? BECAUSE HE WAS.
I need to commend Hannah and Leo, who now manned our used-to-be-hangout, the IT / Soundbooth. I remembered how Jett used to always have to bother himself in bringing out the projector. Now he has an heir.

Can I just make a quiet ogle over Yom x Lyssa loveteam because THOSE TWO ARE OTP.

I think I have a bit more, but that would be straying away from the true intent of this post, which is a Week in Tweets, so let’s start the show:


All those prayers for new projects I wrote in my Weekend Closing the other time? God answered in the morning.

And remember last week when a book debuted with a story similar to SALTFOLK? Here’s another news:


On Tuesday, I decided to make THE BROKEN CONSTELLATION into a short story. I now have a contest piece.


I’m not joking. I’m just looking for an opportunity to insert this into Caleb’s lines…



Oh, on Tuesday, my dad came back home from his Aeta immersion and look what he brought with him: a tub of ice cream I did not ask for but silently wanted to buy after missing an opportunity last Sunday



I really dreamt of this, no kidding. It was a fun dream.

Looks like we’ve found our 2018 motto:


Final note: Ayan, ‘Tay ha. Nagawa ko. Now how about us moving to the next level?