This week grabbed me, rolled me in its palms, threw and caught me like a ping pong ball, and had me rolling down the ground, completely confused but still round and alive. I’m still ready to roll, if you’re wondering, by the way, after surviving this Monday’s DVPit, which somehow got me so nervous nobody would like my pitch. But three (I counted them, people) human beings said nice things about my story, and my belief in it grew strong, and sometime that day, I received a few likes, which I am grateful for. This April’s DVPit got me 11 agents + editors, but heck, I’m not counting holes now. I’m happy that people considered my pitch read-worthy.

And because I’m that very sentimental writer, I’m posting those magnificent tweets here while I cry:

And then, there’s the ever-supportive Miko:

Today, my brother broke his teeth today while eating sinigang for lunch. He’s not going to read this, so he wouldn’t know I wrote about him, but I think I had a slight anxiety attack when he held that bit with his palms while I inwardly wondered how he’d be now he has lost a small part of him. Mind you, he has lost his appendix early his childhood, but you know. Teeth is something. We had a chance to drop them off to the only available dentist this afternoon to pull that bit out. I don’t know if he could go to work tomorrow once the anesthesia wears off, but darn, he’s a grown man, and I hope he overcomes this small mishaps.

I hate teeth-related mishaps. Anyways, back to the rest of my week.

Saltfolk is finished. And did I mentioned I started writing Fifth the First too? Yes? Okay.

So when I thought my brain was going to stop after reaching 82k words + sending queries (yes, I sent emails to 3 agents this week, and after reading an author’s journey confession that he had to go through 90+ agent submissions, I am readying myself for the same thing), I was still writing. Yep. There’s no turning back from a writer’s life.

Although I did have a nice break when Miko and I had that four-hour date around Robinsons where I paid my bills, bought groceries and she had her haircut.

The Salonga siblings started the GC about the “project” and BOY IT WAS A RIOT. At first. But hazy things kind of cleared up now, and I am more than excited. Oh, and I turned my library over for that notebook where I wrote Isaiah, but I didn’t find it; guess I threw it away. And I’m left with just one verse, one pre and one chorus with the latter bit of the second verse stuck in my head. I filled in the blanks and I think I now have a complete song. I’m still deciding whether I should write a bridge or not.

And while I was at that, I also found a few of my unrecorded songs, most of which are freaking cheesy:

  • Pages. Coz You’ve flipped through my pages and knew all my phrases; I can’t hide or change a thing, you have seen all of me.
  • 25,000 Mornings. Still a concept
  • Yakap ng Langit. Dama ko ang yakap ng langit, tuwing Ika’y nasa aking tabi

Yes, I wrote a lot of songs, most of them circa 2013 – 2014.

Two of my online shopping purchases were delivered this week. Which made me happy. Clue: I’m the one who waits for an EXTREME sale (like, 60% off) to buy something.

Also, I slept a lot on afternoons, when it’s cloudy and chill. I missed this week’s Big Bang Theory.

Tonight, I’m probably going to write a 500-word about a place I would love to go to again.

Off to do something marvelous. Cheers! x