I did it. I submitted my piece for the We Need Diverse Books contest for its “Heroes Next Door” Anthology. It was a story that wrecked me at first conception, being so close to my heart (I still think of Wakwak and Tisoy and the rest of my NV9 kids). At first, I was thinking of stretching it into an MG with a dark story, but this opportunity made me decide otherwise. I now have a nice ending for the two brothers, and, despite still narrating the sad truths about their place, I wanted the world to see them in a new light:  physically poor, small and weak, but not in the heart.

Okay, so maybe it would not win, but what God told me was to put my work out there. And this was one step. I had a short story piece I could send to many other contests. I have something, just like when Annie first found me for 1001 Knights, and just like how I submitted to the creative journal by Woman, Create.

And now, here’s my new productive, creative process:

  1. Make something beautiful
  2. Send it out
  3. Repeat

I’ll be writing more short stories, more poems, outline more novels, and finish old dreams. It doesn’t matter whether the world tells me it’s impossible. I’m making my way through. I’m breaking strongholds.  First of which are my own walls.

Today, I had a trick-or-treat Sunday with my SIUMC kids, and boy, they had fun. I was so, so happy to see all the kids stirred up in trying to solve the answers from my Bible Quiz list. What makes it more awesome is that I’ve got a bag of goodies filled with sweet things to furnish their toothsome teeth. Love them.

Earlier, Jett played the backing track instead of the actual vocal track, and that left the kids singing with their own voices, which was completely inaudible. But that’s okay. We had fun singing.

And guess what? Earlier, I heard the bass guitar booming from the speakers. The band is FINALLY repairing it. Or am I wrong? Because that would be sad.

Jonalyn is a beautiful girl after God’s own heart. I have always silently admired her virtues but today takes the cake, when she selflessly sat at the back of the tricycle driver when the SIUMC youth headed from Hagonoy to Atlag. Such a leader. Giving up the comfortable seats and not complaining. I appreciate her sacrifices and I know God does, too. Truly, truly amazing lady.

Tonight, God spoke to me and gave me a newly-lit fire. He told me to believe, and let it be tangible and felt. Moy has always been a hard-worker and was hardly appreciated for it. This “project” was all about rebuilding things and opening doors, and I would love to be a channel of blessing, just as how I have been blessed by amazing people so long before. Happy to be a grown-up.

I have always struggled to step out of my comfort zone, really, but the path outside was too hazy. What used to be a round little ring grew into an island. Probably a planet. I don’t know how to walk out of this anymore, but I have a feeling about what God is going to make me do this 2018. And I’m up for it. More than happy to be to.

My night ends with this post before I slip myself into my bed to sleep. My dad’s car has been acting out, I just saw my relatives from Manila and I just thanked a client for trying out my skills. I have been less of a giver lately, but I am thankful for opportunities to change that. I am not needy. Time to turn tables around.

A grown-up must do grown-up things.

See you.