I was scheduled to write a closing to this week but October just started, and I thing we should greet beginning things properly. It began rather well, at least in spirits, for we caught the bus, I sat near the window and ate a chicken + egg burger for the first time, since I didn’t know KFC opens so early. I loved their iced tea, by the way.

Rejoice! Ashley sang solo! But alas, the mic wasn’t working. Her mom, who was sitting beside me, was terribly upset especially no one can hear what Ash have practiced for the entire week. I know, I know, we can’t blame the sound system and the people behind it. I’ll just make another opportunity for Ashley to sing again and this time, with a working mic.

Hooray for Sunday School, where the Junior Youths (whom I love), cleared out to give way to the younger kids. I’m so, so relieved they were a bit attentive; but not unless PJ does something to turn the whole atmosphere around.

Going home, my brother treated me for a cheeseburger.

Nothing fails the joy that a McDonald’s cheeseburger brings.

We didn’t go home by the way. We went to San Rafael to meet with Aunt Lydia, and the rest of the family who was celebrating her 80+ birthday with her. And guess who’s there? MY TEACHER. IN ELEMENTARY. IN GRADE ONE. And guess better? SHE REMEMBERED ME.

To be exact, she remembered me as the girl who “stayed at the chair where her dad left her.” That makes me pretty behaved, right? Nope?

And who else was there? Ex-DS-now-chaplain Francis and the now-DS Revi, whom my dad joked me I get to see (I think I have yet to see a list of people whom I owe my shadow or something?). Uncle Ed and the Salongas were there, including Tita Susan who had to grab me something, even if it was a one-third cup of cheese sorbetes which I had to eat even though my insides were, um, shivering because of the cold.

At the round table of the youngins, where Aunty Lyn preferred to sit, we sort of talked about things, about church, about life and stuff. Mostly about church. Of course, we had to talk about our ministries. And the way things change, because WE change. And by change, I meant we GROW.

We always move forward, even if we think otherwise.

I would like to remind Atlag UMC that they sang this song so powerfully I would cry every time I hear it, because sang this song wholeheartedly and it was G O R G E O U S

Dearest home, I hope you sing again. I hope you find who you are and where you are. I hope you remember what you’ve done and you’ll never lose track. Most importantly, this:

When you see me, I would like a long, warm hug.