It’s not my favorite week, but this is my my hundredth Week in Tweets post and that’s worth celebrating! 🎉 Mornings are earlier, nights are earlier, the hours are the same and I’m still in my room, sitting in my chair, typing my life away for who-knows-what. I had a little struggle during the midweek when bad things start to happen, one after another, and I’ve been down that slump until Friday came for me, petted my head and gave me a long, nice hug.

Oh, Friday isn’t human.

How did I managed to survive? The grace of God, forgiveness, and the morning mantra that keeps me up again and slay the day. Nope; life is not one huge mountain to overcome. It’s a series of tall peaks, and we have to conquer it day by day by day. No giving up.


One victory for the week: I FINISHED MY NANOWRIMO WIP! Okay, so I only wrote 20,000 words as “first draft.” But first drafts are EVERYTHING. Well, not there yet, though…


Woke up to new client projects because F R E E L A N C I N G

And look! I have my own art store! I FINALLY FEEL I AM AN ARTIST.


This is where the slump started. I don’t know exactly where, but when you start the morning with words like these, you have all the powers in the universe to fight your way through life

Salamanca Zero, done!


This did not just happen: MY ULTRA FAVORITE MANGA IS GETTING A LIVE ACTION ADAPTATION. Oh, wait; this tweet was already freaking out:

I drew Shizuku:


Hard to Love, people, is ONE OK ROCK’s Taka’s song about him and his dad. And it’s good.


I need to check whether “Every No is one step closer to Yes” is a line by someone else.


And this morning, when I woke up past five from the sound of my parents prepping up for today’s sportsfest, because (I WILL WHINE) the people who should have done their duties left them in the lurch, and these two beautiful people, past the age 60, has devoted their lives meekly for the work of God and have been very forgiving, and my brother, who got home from his 2-week seminar with a shiny certificate, was playing his guitar so loud that I couldn’t sleep back; these, among other things:

It’s been a crazy week, no joke about it. But we flap our hands and try to keep our heads afloat in the surface so we would not drown, and that’s what we have to do, every single morning, where God’s mercies are new and fresh and rejuvenating. Happy weekend! x