This week was horrible. Awful. Heart-breaking. It reminded me of what 2017 was made to do: strap me in a roller-coaster for a (not) fun, topsy-turvy ride, pulling me up and pushing me down and leaving me dead. I have no love for this week. Not at all.

Which is probably the reason why I’ve been having insane dreams. And by insane, I mean I N S A N E. I’ll be talking about those in some of my tweets. Which are:


The curse of last week isn’t going away, but I’ve got some inspirations to look up to, such as:

Which leads me to a discovery:


I feel bad that this just happened to OPM when I was writing a novel about OPM. Ugh. I think band culture will always have certain dark themes involved but girls, do not take shit.



I wrote a poem and I will be posting it on the blog too!

Know what made me feel better? I re-read Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, and all those YA, mushy feelings suddenly returned.


The start of my strange dreams this week:

And then, it happened. The contract that had my stomach into knots finally ended. It rolled away with a certain heaviness but somehow, I felt devalued as I writer and I questioned myself whether I could write for a publication and satisfy their requirements.


The second strange dream:


This morning, the third:

Honestly, these dreams made me think. A lot.

It’s Thanksgiving Week and to be honest, it wasn’t so bad. If I could count the nice things I should be grateful for, they’d definitely outshine all those tiny slights that made me feel bad. Life is a long race on a narrow road. There’s supposed to be struggles, but they’re meant to be footstools, and that’s what I’ll take them for.