In this edition of My Week in Tweets, November has landed, I started writing for NaNoWriMo, I’m planning my gifting budget and I am still fretting as to why nothing is happening in my authorship life, and if any agent would even risk their reputation in representing my silly little novel. On the brighter side, Song Hye Gyo and Song Joong Ki just got married, I successfully watched Big Bang Theory’s latest episode last night, and I am getting used to the fact that God is all about making me uncomfortable, because, impermanence of things. I just answered my emails and fed the dog, whom I unfortunately can’t give a bath to since we have a damp, gloomy weather.

Some of those things won’t have any effect on your life, but if you’re reading this, well, you asked for it. Here’s more of those useless information, but hey, it’s fun, right?

At least, for me.


Some old movies are in HBO recently and I used to like this one but now, I CRINGE

I need to accept that I have to buy a better tablet in the near future.


Today, I just settled my preorder for the 365 Wonders 2018 Journal where my poem will be included. And, um,

If any of you were curious about what happened to me this October, it’s here:

I also have a serious problem that I need to attend to. My anxiety spits.


It’s the Day of the Dead Philippine version and according to tradition, one must visit their loved one’s graves this day (or else they’ll come and haunt us). Today was especially rainy but no weather can ever stop love, even for the ones gone.

Oh, and my NaNoWriMo project is MG! With magic! With a strong girl and a soft boy! And I am tearing my hair out because UGH THERE’S SO MANY OF THESE STORIES OUT THERE.

The influx of magical stories appear to be greater this year, for everyone involved in Book Twitter have been discussing about witches and tears in my timeline. SO WHY AM I WRITING THIS AGAIN?


Hold on to it.

Also, this. I have submitted some of my poetry to magazines via Submittable this week and kept writing some more. If there’s something I look forward to, it’s my words / narration gaining weight and stories, for I do not want to end up like the shallow poets everyone were throwing rocks on social media.

Toru is brilliant af.


Okay. I made a mistake. It was supposed to be “Keep it SHINY” but guess what?

And here’s another saga of Old Movies I Failed To Watch.

There goes the beginning of my November. I got my work done, words written down and probably a few more brewing inside my head. It’s going to be a lot of waiting regarding SALTFOLK, but I’ve gotten here, and I won’t let my doubts get the best of my. God is my banner, this month and forever. x