Getting out of bed this morning was like going to the dentist. The weather was cold and calm and the sky was still dark; my body was still sleepy even past 6 am when I should have been letting my dog run and feeding him breakfast. Nope. I took my time. Time didn’t take me. But, call it lucky; it might be my 2nd-time-wear white lace dress (YES, I RE-WEAR MY CLOTHES YOU SNOB) or the fact that there’s ten Krispy Kremes in the ref, which I won’t get to eat until we get back home, so I decided to pull myself up, get the day over. My food over was done in two minutes, the bus came in another two, and it was chilly inside the three-seater side while we watched a Zoe Saldana movie I swear we watched in Tagalog in another bus.

Buses, my friends, give you new experiences. The last time I rode, there was a guy in a biker jacket and IT WAS HOT. The weather I mean. So why the jacket?

I realized that after bearing that cold Spring in Paris and the chilly Harlem mornings, I could bear the draft weather here in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, on church today: PJ, once again, hit Blue, maybe twice, and I went there to stop them, but the boys were big and brazen and bore angry looks that none of them succumb to my order OR even pay attention. But! We continued from where we left off — Joseph the Dreamer — and I have three or more people actually paying attention, which was enough for me. Oh, and something made me smile today. I’ve been lining up I Will Praise You (No Matter What) for I long time and the kids never actually sang it, until now, and they sang it so nicely that I just felt so elated in spite of myself.

I love these nutty kids. Magulo, pero brilliant.

A moth took the attention of my class and it settled itself by the piano. It didn’t mean anything until my dad, during our ride home, greeted his tatay Bining, whose birthday is today, and mentioned something about seeing a moth in the office and it landed on the piano. TATAY BINING LOVED PIANOS. He’s the reason why I wrote SALTFOLK’s Fifth. Hearing that felt nice; I mean, Tatay is probably telling dad he’s doing a good job, and he’s fluttering here and there, letting us know he’s just there.

Happy birthday, tatay Bining.

One confession: I did not write anything for NaNoWriMo today. I’m just too tired, too sleepy, and too full from three pizza slices + a Smores donut. And a little joy? This Peppermint flavored chocolate candy from NIPS. Yes, I am a child. But if you are planning to gift me anything, chocolate and peppermint please.

November has come, Halloween + All Saints Day done, what now?

Well, for me, there’s NaNoWriMo (a.k.a. pushing on to write a story that doesn’t really speak of my culture, but does star a disabled representative for my magical kids), there’s my long wait for my queries, there’s making more poems and submitting them to magazines, and there’s work.

And then, there’s the wait. The wait on my watchtower as the Lord slowly arrives at dawn. My dawn may take a year, two, or probably more, but I’m staying where I am — standing and watching with hope — until the joy of His miracle finally arrives.