The dog has bathed, I did not, but what’s new? It’s Saturday. It’s supposed to be a slow day. A day to wake up late and drag yourself to the living room, open the telly, and eat junk food for breakfast. Nope? This is not the right way to live a life? Good for you.

This week, we said bye-bye to November as December swooped in and screamed Christmas! I love the holidays, but the thought of gifting always sends me headaches, such as of the recent, but thankfully, creativity’s got my ass, and I think I may have one nice Christmas gift no one else has given before. What it is? Not telling. But you may want to find some clues in this week’s tweets:


Life says, “Let’s start the week with another strange dream, shall we?”

The sum of it is there’s cake in the fridge


Finally, a wishlist:

Also, some deeds done.


Hello there, another strange dream!


This is when I got back to writing Fifth the First again. AND YES. It sounds more amazing than I first thought!

Something I made from Caris Creates Things:


This is the day when miracles starts to happen, and prayers got answered. For one, the letter we sent to Karton PH got a positive response and LOOK, MY MOM DID NOT SEE THE EMAIL.

I sent a reply; I don’t know if mom read it, but since it was Friday, and the beginning of December, the company must be busy. I do hope my mom gets another positive response!

Also, today was the day when I started making illos for my family’s gifts. Since art is all I can give.


Don’t take this the wrong way, but I may be set to have 100 strange dreams recorded this year. Hopefully. If I only remember to tweet about them.

December started out awesomely for me. Not because things are awesome; they’re still the same: me, in this void, being bleh. But I think what shifted was me, from the heart, in a more honest, compassionate, surrendering light. And that, my friend, is the secret to joy in any season.