What’s up, Saturday? I’ve just entered my third pitching contest this week, queried another agent yesterday, edited my MS more (would you believe it? I’m editing and submitting at the same time, WHICH IS NOT A GOOD THING, but I’m the type who realizes mistakes further down the road — not all at once — and would not stop retweaking until it’s over), and then finally realizing that there’s a bigger chance at this fact: my novel is stupid, the setting is fictional (even when it’s supposed to be in the Philippines), and there’s probably no place for it in the world.
Heck, yeah. But I’m still doing this.

I’ve been having dreams about familiar people recently and I don’t know why they got there. @aknightadrift told me my latest dream was horrifying; it was, but it was also funny. I have horrors at school, not ghost related, and I would never go back to that phase. EVER.

Now, onto my tweets!


Okay. This really stung me. Hard. I knew that I was only a *small* part of this project, but I was hurt for my words, because I loved them, and I thought they deserved more. Writer’s babies. I don’t want to be conceited; I’m thankful for this mini-exposure, although I know that if I want to get my words out in the open, I need to hustle. On my own. And not to latch them on someone else’s vision.


GUYS!!! I had a baby!!! IN MY DREAM!!! That was pun-ny, right? Like the universe was being sarcastic?


This is the second time (or is it third?) I edited a shelved song and WHOA. I think it works!

Oo nga, Tatay.


This is the new prayer of my heart.

Things that happened today:

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