This morning was cold — to cold — that removing myself from my blanket was a struggle. Last night, a group of young singers serenaded our home and somewhat put back five minutes of Christmas to my usual writing routine. I had an epiphany, thanks to my two-week-long revision which I thought would take minimal edits. Now, the ending has decided to take another route, one that is logical and sane and perfect for the story. My heroine now has an enemy in human form; it’s not just something in her head, and this will take me quite a while to polish.

As of now, I could only say that my story is 65% done. I have 15,000 words to make, but I am pretty sure this direction was what’s good for it. It’s solid, made my characters mature, and I’m happy to see Elie making decisions for herself, and not for others.

I had a weird dream this morning, about an old star, jeeps, an abandoned building, a highway, a picture of old men marrying young girls, my grandmother’s home, and a butterfly man. But let me tell you, I’m trying to catch up on  Stranger Dreams because I want it to reach a hundred before the year ends. And among the other things I was trying to catch up on:


Some tips for writing better:

Regarding Keaton Jones, this was my first stance:


HEY GUYS, I RECEIVED A MAGICAL EMAIL! My 1001 Knights Box is heading this way!

I love that I thought of this:


Making random poetry that makes someone’s day makes my day.


I don’t understand what’s this about but…

Remember my old drafts for Rouen’s Diary? Remember how cringe-worthy they were?

O, may pahabol pa:



Ehem, and speaking of flirt:


And as for today’s Stranger Dream