How do you sum up the Christmas week right after you have watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi and had mixed emotions about it? I don’t know either. I must have done pretty bad. But the good news is, CHAPTER 30! I am writing the epilogue today and will proceed to revising next week, so I can have a complete manuscript just before my birthday. Yes, I am talking about that manuscript!

So, today, with blood dripping on my thumb on the account of my sleepiness while cutting meat with a paring knife (no joke, kids, this is stupidity x10),I am relaying this week’s tweets, just because I can. This is my blog.


First of all, I just want to tell you that MARK HAMILL LIKED THIS TWEET. The Force is with me.

My lola’s only living sibling called. Look at our conversation:

Yes, yes; depression is a killer, but you’re alive. Much more alive than yesterday. Keep on living.


This was me, post Simbang Gabi

I also want to share that there’s a sun in my room.


Woot woot!

Have you ever wondered what anxiety felt like? It’s this:


I’m so excited to give these gifts, especially these are things none has ever had.

Here are the frames, wrapped up:

Thank You, Tatay, for always having my back.


Pastora told me, “Saan ba nagsisimula ang malaki kundi sa maliit?” And then, Ghel said, “Step by step yan. Susunod, novel mo na.”

If ever you see this in films, I just want you to know I thought of the same concept too:

CHAPTER 30 HAS ARRIVED! Saltfolk is, again, finished, in a version that’s closer to home. No more white characters. It’s all us. All Pinoy!


Of course, I wouldn’t miss today’s mishap…

So life’s not perfect. So you failed. So you played little roles. What gives? Life is a beautiful journey. Keep on living. Keep on being alive. You deserve it.