A half-eaten burger sat in my bag when I rode a jeepney alone halfway through the distance. It was thirty minutes past twelve. I had a proposal to make that initially felt like a thesis defense but me and my brother had to get through the new route back to our town, which took us longer and more inconvenient than the usual, and had us end up walking up the overpass on the way to McDo. There was a long queue. You can guess what happened. I was late. And when I got to my home church, everyone in the council was eating, the meeting ended, and oh, we just got approved. And so much more.

So here I am, reeling with an immense feeling of gratitude and responsibility as we move on to the new stage. 2018 would be a LOT for me. But, I remembered, 10 years ago, it was pretty much the same. The difference now is that we won’t be doing things for the first time, won’t be doing things for ourselves, and won’t be doing things alone.

I am still gasping and breathless.

Anyway, today I survived the chaos that was Sunday School when most of my students decided they would have a fun time outside class when they should be inside. Some kids who stayed chose to be nutty. We got a run-through of next Sunday’s song, which was one of my most favorite songs, but well, the soloists vanished like thin air and we didn’t get to practice properly. But! I told Jonalyn she’s “auditioning” for a part in the next year’s district activity, which involves a song I proudly wrote, so I’m rooting for her. I hope she gets in.

This afternoon, when my fingers were itching to blog, my laptop decided it would install its updates (which I didn’t find necessary since I hardly use them and they make my system run slow). It took a good hour before I finally sat on my desk and started writing. Which is now. So let me tell you this: I just got into a bigger bargain with God. And I’m scared I wouldn’t be able to live up for it.

Victory was won this week, some tiny, tiny thing I am proud of, but now that everything starts to happen, I knew I had to give up a bigger slice of my old ways to make way for God to work in me. It’s not going to be easy. But you know, what? I’ll take this challenge. Game. I can’t do this on my own, but God. God, You do You in me.

Early this morning, I had a tune in my head and I wrote the drafts of The Kite Song in a small pad Bev gave me many Christmases ago. This afternoon, I finished a song. SALTFOLK has gotten its melody. Yes, I know; this means starting my query roll as my older drafts don’t fit the new vision. I get new visions every single time, and maybe it’ll go on until the querying and editing is over. But, heck; I’m ready to walk this journey. I’m ready to see SALTFOLK on a cover. I’m ready for Lucy and Elie’s romance.

I’m ready to be changed. I’m ready for what’s coming to me.