Under the downcast spell of today’s morning, a person woke an hour later than expected. It must be the cold. I finally had my period after the dreadful prelude. That’s okay, I was going to wear a red skirt anyway. On the way to the church, God teaches me the beauty of delays, of adjusting; how He’s doing it in my life as I am doing it on my own. You see, just this Friday, I discovered a flaw in my manuscript. No, not a flaw exactly; just a better plot. And the minor revisions I started making soon blew up to a bigger curve. It hurt, but not so much. I think it’s beautiful. I think it’s right. And even though after this post, I’d be staring at my Word document in trying to find how to write the preceding chapters, I knew in my heart that I am doing the right thing.

This is the right thing.

We watched Star Wars this Saturday. The Rey and Kylo Ren plot? Nice but ugh. At least Ben was consistent in being the grown-up kid wielding swords and having tantrums. And now the romance lines in the series is getting to me, although I love Rosa. I love Asians. Thank you for including us in the space narrative. We deserve to be so.

In my many emails, I managed to uncover one of the cheesiest songs I have ever made: Paroo’t Parito. That struck the chord. That struck the names. That cemented the thought that this revision is what I needed. It will take me a long time to query again, and I could not submit this piece when someone asks me for a full, but I am certain than when I’m done, I think I’m done that time. A Filipino plot, Filipino names, Filipino songs (hopefully I can insert “tracks” as titles) and Filipino heart. I am excited.

If anyone would be asking: yes, Santiago is somewhat-Tacloban.

I’ve got things to write, so I wouldn’t be staying here for long. Christmas is coming. I slept well. I’m also writing disconnected phrases just because I can and this is my blog. Thank you for reading.