On my first weekend of 2018 I have achieved the unimaginable: I got sick. Well, this made me realize that last year, I had a bad case of rashes which lasted for a half a year before it slowly disappeared over the last months. I still didn’t know what it was and why I had it but I had a gut-feeling it must be because of my high glucose intake.

Anyways, back to the present! My nose is less runny, I’m feeling less heavy and I’ve done a lot of chores today so I can sit at my desk and write this post. January started with high-high dreams and low-low self-esteem, but if I could wade through the ups and downs, I’m sure I can get past by everything. Now, onto the tweets!


I have decided to JUST WALK. Not run. Not jump. Just let the journey take its own pace. Just moving forward. Maybe it’s adulthood? Maybe it’s me being 30? Maybe it’s the sense of wisdom that says No, girl, you do not control your fate, and things won’t happen in YOUR schedule? Maybe all of it?

Meanwhile, my first stranger dream this year is a creepy one:

Some food revelations:


I remember that headache, first and foremost.

But! I bought a thing! Two things! And they’re on sale! Which is why

This is my reaction when I finally found the choral pieces for HOPE SONG in the folder where I also kept my favorite L’arc En Ciel song



I love how this year is doing magic for my humility.


Mirage was a story I wrote way, way, WAY back 2006? 2007? I’m not really sure, but it’s REALLY old. I read it, still found some truths in it, and I just knew I had to remake it now that I have matured in my writing.



The soldier has fallen.

But look who’s coming back?

Some situations call for new discoveries.

Let me tell you: cucumber + pear + honey water WORKS LIKE MAGIC. Try it even if you’re not sick!

I’m sneezing my way through Saturday, had strange dreams, somewhat convinced that I want to work for myself this year even though that’s practically what I have been doing since 2010, is studying things about indie publishing, and planning Mirage, while waiting for query responses. I would like to get a full read on the new version of Saltfolk (because editing it after my first queries rusted my confidence about the plot, but I KNOW I’m heading the direction it was originally planned for), but I know God has a plan. He always had. And the reason I’m doing all these stupid, silly, maybe-senseless things is because it’s my investment in my future. And investments are good. Investments are always good. You might not always win, but you will always, always learn.

And life is all about learning.