Did a little work, read a little email, tried to keep things under control — and by that, saying the mantra, “Be kind, always, always,” over and over again, fed the little dog and now, writing this little post. It has been a productive week, now that I see it. First of all, have you seen my shiny About page? How about my Work page?

I spend the whole week writing, which is nothing, since I have decided to spend my whole life writing, as long as I have hands. That’s how far I’ve imagined my existence to be. So far, it feels good. I sent a few queries, one for an essay I just got the gust to write, and I have this one-essay-a-month project at the back of my head so I can keep my goals in check. My goal, which is: get my writings out there. It’s already out, but not literary out, and that’s what I am pursuing now.

Anyways, here is how my week went:


And my birthday gift, a.k.a. the new big, violet glasses my mom bought me, is finally home!


An answered prayer in form of my client responding to me came through this Tuesday, and I am nothing bu grateful.

Now that I think of it, I have been throwbacking a lot this week. Here are some doodles from my old journal:



To be honest, this week was dragging my legs deep into the mud, not literally speaking. It hasn’t been easy. Things were looking bleak. Things ARE bleak, as of the moment, but here’s something my dad told me and my brother:


I think I got that resolution going on by Thursday:


This is me after watching the entry videos for Mei’s Address 10969. OMG IF ONLY I COULD HUG THESE GIRLS, I WOULD


A burglar came through the window. Here is my evidence:

I was down this Friday, thanks to dysmenorrhea, but luckily these hands are always on the move, if not my body. Just this morning, I got a positive pre-query response, but I am shaking at the thought that my work MIGHT not be suited for her, but I am STILL going to send it. I am afraid. And reeling. But I’ll just walk. That’s what I’ve promised myself to do. There’s no assurance of bright things, but I know my sunshine’s going to come for me, somehow, maybe not now. So you go keep walking too. Inside the tunnel may look scary, but it’s not forever. Sing your way through. Dance in the dark. Celebrate the little light. You’re going to get to the end. You will.