In this edition of My Week in Tweets, I stayed up late, woke up late, did extra things of some and did less of the other. I had weird dreams about horses and ball gowns and Sino-generals dying inside seaside museums. Look how easy it is to get into my subconsciousness. That’s why I don’t like watching horror movies.

This week has been particularly eventful. I saw little gapes on the doors and I tried knocking. I had a list of more doors and would be knocking some more, but I think I need to get this little hand to shape. One thing that made the difference: I stopped holding on to the thing that I really, really liked and gave way to what was reasonable. It was like an epiphany! Like I’m ready to press on the battle again.

One thing I’m pretty proud of: I started working on Courageous & Meek again. I got an email alert for the domain name renewal, a little thorn in the neck, but I am pretty sure I am keeping it. Oh, so maybe the initial purpose of the name didn’t work out right, but I’m sure God unveils tiny bits and pieces of His plan. Courageous & Meek will be staying in my arsenal, waiting for His orders.

Now, let’s head on to the tidbits:


I think this pretty much describes everything that’s happening right now

So I’m talking about doors and vague things, but when things start to become clearer, I’ll tell you all about it.

Hingang malalim.


And I didn’t know for how long have I been holding my breath

Today, I finally did it. I took a small step. A small, nervy step forward. And I put my all in it.



This is me, unapologetic.


Heck, I want to write a fiction romance called ‘The Chair.’


HA HA HA HA. Of course, you don’t. If you did, you’d be all panicky and jumpy and died a thousand deaths before moving a finger.

And just like that, my week went in a flutter. I had some highs and lows and many in-betweens, but I’m progressing. I’m moving forward. I STILL haven’t gotten any news for my boxes, by the way, especially 1001 Knights, and I’m hoping against hope it’s heading this way because I can’t wait to share the books to you! x