I’m that kid fervently knocking — or should I say nagging — on God’s door, wondering if He’s going to open it, or if He’s going to shoo me away and tell me to move on to another. The latter would be easier. At least I didn’t have to wait here under the sun and rain. But no, there’s no answer. And yes, I have to keep on knocking. And nagging.

That nagging led me somewhere this week, and it was a smash-your-face realization that made me feel thankful and brave at the same time. I’m typing with my heart-fists closed. I’m ready for the brawl. Ready to endure. Ready to still keep at it.

Alright, now onto the tweets!


I EAT WHEN I CAN EAT IT. I don’t when there’s none.


Lots of rule-breaking. And also strange dreams?


I loved it when my dad just laughed at my mom with the “Matalino man ang matsing” quote because ANG SAVAGE LANG

Also, filling my Society6 with goodies:

Tonight, a 150-year-old phenomena visited us:


February 1st was the time when I attempted to have my hair bleached BUT I BACKED OUT THE LAST MINUTE because I’m going to have a heart-attack with the ultra-light hair

Which is why I’m wearing all-dark hair plus under-highlights because I’m that cool, cowardly kid.



Tapos I saw this:

Tonight, I went with Jonalyn (who thankfully came with Modge) for her Hilaga, Timog practice, and then…


I had another strange dream today.

Here’s a secret: I’m not supposed to be STILL at home at this hour. I’m not supposed to be writing. But I had a client who needed a quick draft and I am true to my promises. At least, I tried to. It’s been a crazy, learning week, a week when I had to strengthen my resolve to keep on walking forward. Because that’s all I required myself. To just walk. No expectations. No demands. Just doing. And I’ll do just that. x