I have a question: will I be able to actually post my weekend blogs (My Week in Tweets, The Weekend Closing) in full diligence, without any gap, flaw or misses? Because it’s been more than a month this 2018, and I’m bent on keeping the numbers balanced and progressing.

Here’s an update: Dad’s cake is about to end in two final slices and I’m getting one this morning. I just finished a submission on my prose and I am wondering if I should simultaneously do another. Every door is tempting. It’s like I want to knock on all of them. But not every answer is desired. It all depends on who’s on the other side.

It’s always like that.

This week, I received the good news that my poem will be published on a literary journal. YAY TO MY CROSSOVER TO THE LITERARY WORLD. Finally. A window opened and someone peeked from the inside. I also want to rejoice, because I just had my 2nd full request this week. After three months! Three short but seemingly long months! In those months, I think the author-dream in me might have died and got resuscitated a number of times.

Why is OOR diverting from their original sound every single time they release a music?

I think I should follow a drama because all the gaps of not writing is making me crazy.

I am congratulating my lovely clients who are moving forward with their brands. Sana ako din.


Hi, I finally had a nice BUT STILL FAR-FROM-COMPREHENSIBLE dream for once:


On Monday, I joined the Visible Women‘s tag, discovered that a former Royal Pirates member almost lost his hand and is raising a Kickstarter to help him in his music + recovery, and I’ve discovered a few amazing Filipina illustrators.

Look at my parents. Tamis.


Things to do on Valentine’s Day: PAY MY DEBT

My grandmother’s sister called to greet my dad a happy birthday, but he wasn’t here, so she stayed on the phone and told me so many things. A THREAD:


Life rule:


Happy Chinese New Year! This day, I switched my sheets and changed the curtains, and everything was transformed into a familiar yet unsteady feeling

A kind of peace, calm, and the feeling of everything is what should be. That’s the next door I’d knock onto.