It’s here! My 1001 Knights books are here, all sixteen of them, plus the pretty extras Annie and Kevin packed into the box! On Tuesday, I joined my parents (for the lack of car, or the driving skills) on their ceramic toilet hunt to snag a trip to the post office. The box was HUGE. And heavy. And did you know what else is beautiful? People.

People who helped. People who were kind. People who remembered my mom and people who remembered me. This week was made up of many of that. I felt like a person. I wonder why I have been living like a chair with hands and legs for a pretty long time.

At the post office, the lady-in-charge led me to my dilapidated box, sat on a chair, asked if we had a vehicle because we couldn’t carry this big thing home. And she called on the help of a man, who single-handedly carried the box (I guess there’s science + delivery skills behind this). While we waited for dad, the utility lady and the passing lawyer recognized my mom and stopped for a chat. At the SSS mall center, a lady recognized me and asked for my mom, for she remembered me when I was small. I was, uhm, still small.

I have a few other stories but I would share them some other time. Meanwhile, here was how my week went:


EDIT: Beautiful, worth-it mistakes.


HERE WE GO! The pictures:

And as we waited for mom who specifically went to Mr. M’s bank to claim her check, my dad and I had a talk. THREAD:


Happy International Women’s day, woman!


When a client sends you another project early in the morning…


Define torture:


My mom is my best woman.

I skipped both my Week in Tweets and Weekend Closing last week because I had duties, and I don’t know if I’m going to be able to write on Sunday since I’m querying, AGAIN, after joining another pitch party, AGAIN (this part, I’m still confused, because I’m in that state where I know Twitter pitches are not helping me so far). Dana has come and gone, I checked a driving school which I meant to enroll this March, and the house finally breathes free after Kuya Uro finished the small renovations. It’s been a week. Nothing God can’t handle.