This week, many words were written, letters lettered, prospects prospected, and so on. But I did the deeds to be done, and I, feeling proudly accomplished, finally have the time to post this regularly non-sensible column because I have missed doing so. Hooray for a Week in Tweets post, and for finally filling this lonely space on a Saturday, because weekend is the only time I blog!

Let’s start it all off, shall we?


Can anyone remind me why I wrote this prose?

This is the day I received a lovely little e-mail that somehow changed the course of the week. I’d love to tell you about it, but as I can’t, let’s all just sit still and wait, and see when the surprise becomes reality.


Both words are making deep sense to me now.

Also, I am feeding off a new book-inspiration, and it’s from Corrie ten Boom! I don’t know if I have shared it in my blog, but me and my brother went to her house and saw the hole where the Jews hid with our own eyes.


Why do I sound like a fortune-cookie fortune?


This day, the girl from the book shop gave me the new 10-peso coin as change. It looked like a game arcade token.

Unfortunately, this. But I believe God has His reasons.


Sugisaki Hana is Rukia! I’m squealing! I mean, the live-action version didn’t follow Rukia’s short hair but heck. Hana’s perfect.

And to cap off the night, of course I watched Hunter X Hunter. And for the first time ever, I saw the fight between Killua’s dad & gramps, and Spider’s leader. I actually forgot his power was to steal someone else’s power. Which is cool. AND HE WIELDS A BOOK.

If there’s something I missed about My Week in Tweets, it’s saying things that doesn’t say much, and if they did, they’d hardly make sense. April is nearing its end, but not my driving class, which finishes this May, due to writing deadlines and, well, a scheduling mistake. I’m not upset, though. Things are supposed to happen the way they are. And when they do, I’d be less tight-fisted, more heart-opened, because I’ll show up. I’ll shop up every time. x