The month of April became so unexpectedly busy, like a hurricane or a big gust of wind that blew from the east. It’s funny because I couldn’t catch up and rethink what exactly happened. All I knew was I wrote a lot, and I am proud that I did, because being in the business of words is a pleasure and a privilege. Plus, projects and clients so amazing don’t come very often. So, here.

Me behind the wheel? Nah.

Let me tell you that I started driving. A car. An actual car. It was a really rad experience I was glad to take because I got to change gears, pull the vehicle on reverse, rode with the traffic and kept my mentors safe and alive, as far as my driving is concerned. I do believe, however, that I am only a good professional passenger, and would likely co-ride rather than drive my own car, but who knows? I haven’t hung from the bridge yet.

I have two amazing projects this month; one of them is writing for a female-entrepreneur-slash-lifestyle blog. The other is for a local magazine, which actually stressed me out more than a dozen of posts, simply because it held the Philippine flag, and I have to give my best. I don’t know if I did great, though. I just know I did.

Darling devo nights

What else? Ah, yes. I started reading Corrie ten Boom’s Amazing Love as my nightly devo book, which was a blessing, because Corrie’s life lessons hit on the right spot of my spiritual life right now, especially with my career path, and my dad’s current ministry assignment. I love them; I do, and I know they’ve been hurt, but maybe it’s just me coming from a church whose core members were exuberant, and hands ready to work as soon as there’s need without being told that this experience stirred this insane unrest in me.

This month, I’ve officially said goodbye to Courageous & Meek, whose blog vanished from the internet. I’m loosening myself from the strings of my making, thanks to the spurts of my impulses, and I’m cutting a few more, because I do not want these to hold me back. I need to refrain myself from making sudden decisions, too, especially big projects. A lesson learned.

Of words and wars

As per my manuscript, a few queries were sent, and a few were received. One of them was from the lovely Jen Azantian who reminded me that there’s something shining in my work. The version I submitted to her was the one back in October — still called SALTFOLK — as soon as I received her favorable response to my pitch. I know someone’s out there for me, especially that the manuscript has been reworked in terms of plot development and language. I will probably keep on tweaking it little by little until someone says “Yes!” And all I know is that the manuscript will only get better.

Yesterday, as sort of a last-minute family-bonding-over-the-weekend, we watched Avengers: Infinity Wars. We had a gameplan, but of course, there’s the queue. A long one. But it’s not about the line of people (I bought drinks so the family saved me a seat). The experience ended with me wearing my ho-hum face after seeing only five minutes of Sebastian Stan (but a good round of Thor’s Asgardian-ness, which is long awaited). I was underwhelmed, to say at least, but today, I took the time to read about the character backgrounds and then ended up, “Oh, so that’s why.” The movie, after all, was a tribute to the Marvel Comics world, not to entertain me. Okay, I’m sold.

At least we know it’ll be 1/14,000,000 and that everyone will come back because they still have their own sequels. Always trust Doctor Strange.

The weather’s hot and I’m not really in the mood for writing, so please allow me to leave with this dump while telling you the past 29 days have been amazing. I’m looking forward to more challenging yet commitment-driving days where I’d be less selfish and more productive. The cold mornings still haven’t left us, but I know May would be different. Do I sense the sea?

x, C.