There is this post, and there is that post – the one that I hardly edited because I write, as usual, in the spur of the moment, and going back means doubting, and doubting means fear, and fear means I freezing up and not writing at all. We don’t want to get there. But this week, I found the route towards a breakthrough, thanks to an app called Pacifica, but greatly to the knowledge that God is my remedy. I missed my morning meditation on a Saturday, but the thing I won’t miss is rewatching Hana Nochi Hare (花のち晴れ), the sequel to Boys Over Flower, where Haruto x Oto are giving me back those shoujo manga romance feels, and I am happy, because that’s how my manuscript feels like too.

Onto the tweets, because we need to use time wisely, and we mustn’t linger for nonsense.


Obviously had nothing to say on a Monday.


A strange dream! Because, why not?

It’s been a long time since I blogged about something else other than my weekend posts, so here, here:

The prude in me NEVER watched Bridget Jones UNTIL NOW


BINGO! This is me hitting a jackpot on finding a drama to watch, since it has been a looooong time since I committed myself to finishing a series. Hana Nochi Hare, although I was skeptical at the HanaDan premise, was AWESOME. One can never go wrong with Sugisaki Hana. And Hirano Sho is so adorable ugh I love these kids.


And there it was. The surge of anxiety. It was my second-to-the-last day at driving school and I STILL did not get things right. My instructor was facepalming himself while laughing.

Of course, optimism.

On Thursday, I decided to face anxiety head on. Pacifica’s meditative series helped, truly, but nothing beats a vulnerable nightly devotion with God.


And then, morning came differently.

On my last day at driving school, I maneuvered the car on my own, and my confidence returned. I showed up with my stomach churning. And God showed up for me.

If I have any tip for you, about life and living, show up. Just show up. You’ll never really know. You just have to roll your fingers to a fist and tell yourself you gotta do it, no matter what. Then do it. God will show up for you. Show up. x