If I’d look around and measure life in the direction it is going, I’d say we’re heading down the pits. But yesterday, while watching the newly-ousted Ma. Lourdes Sereno in her first conference after what probably is the longest day of her life, I started to believe again. I have always believed, mind you; but seeing how a human – freshly-hurt, nationally-mocked, humiliated by her own colleagues and pressed down by our own government brightened up the atmosphere of inquiring reporters (some of whom probably had sensationalized questions), I shook my head and echoed to myself, “Today’s a victorious day, after all.” It was a moment of rebuilding when Mrs. Sereno spoke of her faith; how God is writing her story not according to her plan, and I agreed.

We’re not heading down the pits. Someone is in control. But we shouldn’t just hand things over to faith. We can’t just look. We can’t just tweet. We have to do things, change things, transform things. We have to live intentionally.

That’s our part.

So, ehem, as for this week’s tweets:


Lie: My passport came in on the 5th. Truth: I *do* have a short neck.


Guess who made a thread of her favorite Met Gala looks?


You know, Book Twitter is one of the liveliest communities out there. Every season, scandals are unraveled, personalities revealed, the villains fight back and group-think wins it all. As for this episode of Which Author Is It This Time, it’s F.H. who trademarked a word, sent C&Ds to authors whose book titles have *that* word, and that the actual trademarking lies on shabby grounds. This is the time when legal + literary came together. What a sight!

Well, well, another strange dream.



I’ll tell you a secret: I have watched and re-watched ALL of the Hana Nochi Hare episodes this week. Either it’s THAT good, or I’m really bored and had nothing else to watch. Anyways, Taishi Nakagawa is only 19 years old and he gives out amazing, gripping tension. He reminds me, somehow, of Miura Haruma. This kid will go places. I hope he earns the spotlight later on.


Heto na.


And then, my evening share of Deku.

Today, a Saturday, my folks are home and reinforced the truth that God came through for us this week. The journey forward will be long and hard and full of obstinate things, but I am part of God’s laborers; I have a duty to do.