Women empower women. That’s what I believe. So when someone goes through a slump, or has a bad fall, instead of looking at them hanging at the edge of the cliff, you lend a hand. You comfort them with your words. You understand.

This week, I understood. I don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes, but all I know is that we should always be there for each other. And least part we can do, be honest with our intentions. Thankfully, I was given the opportunity to do just that, even if I lose some on my end. I’m holding it out. I’m just going to keep at things because I love what I do.

Anyways, me week in tweets!


I just watched a Michael Caine’s Going in Style with Morgan Freeman, and I thought of this:

So, I heard Hana sing “You are my prince on a white horse,” and then Sho is part of King & Prince and I think that Taishi has a lovely voice (him talking is already a killer) SO THERE.


Tuesdays, everybody. But heck, if something miraculous actually happened this day I will come back to this post and rejoice!

Guys, I have a ship.


A reminder on mid-week:



Some thoughts: maybe you’re placed there NOT to finish it, but to CONTRIBUTE to finishing it. Maybe you’re just there for a season. When you’re feeling icky and you feel you’re not growing in your current environment, it’s time to pack your bags.

Oddly, I tweeted this whole bit of irony:


Tagalog hits you right in the face.

Me during La La Land.


Yesternight, it rained. Thunder loomed while I was all alone, watching Miss Sherlock in an episode where a mom bit her baby. I mean, why can’t people be just honest, even if they have to protect a loved one? Geez. Love is not weakness. But, of course, this is not my story. My story is that I started querying again. That means having my confidence shaken with my first-liner because it’s my make or break part. This writing journey will take LONG. And, most probably, UNCERTAIN. But God has already given me a Yes! And all I need is Do. Doing is now. Reaping is later.

I hope you’re sowing something good today. x