Yesterday, I edited a draft for OKRs — Objectives and Key Results, which is Google’s secret recipe for achieving their goals. What I love about writing is reading, which means learning, and then, remembering, because I have to process the information before I give tips about it. This part takes a bit time; I tend to write as I read, but the information stays in my brain like little bits of shiny metal drawn to a giant magnet.

I think I need to make my own OKR too. I mean, things are going well for me, so far, but I have forgotten one thing: to live life intentionally. Most of the time, I’d be clouded by my whimsy, that part of my brain where I’m always imagining. But my left hemisphere needs use, and so, in order to live a holistic life, I have to make some changes.

Will list down my OKRs on this blog, be accountable for it, and let you know what changes have happened. Meanwhile, on My Week in Tweets:


Age with grace, I say. Age with grace.

Another classroom dream! Should I go back to school?


Okay. So there was a message. And, well, frankly, I had a sliiiight heart attack on this one.

See the tweet nested above.


In the story I wrote, it wasn’t the ~dokidoki~ feeling too. It shouldn’t be. The man for you will always make you at ease.


Oh, look! Another strange dream!


And on a Friday, I wrap things up with an actual, heart-felt tweet:

Currently, I am wrestling with the revision of my Chapter 1, which hurts a bit, because there they go again; words that have become my favorite. But to take a step forward, sacrifices had to be made. I commit to this work; that’s one of my OKRs, and maybe one of those Key Results is to have a “coherent, cohesive Chapter 1 that takes the readers where El and the rest are.”

Take small steps, day by day. As long as you move forward. x