And so, this week, where the seemingly endless rain kept pouring down the Luzon skies, and we’re trapped at home, unable to get out because there’s flood sitting outside our gates, things happened. Right. All that winding intro for things happened. They did, though.

On the 11th, I wrote a song, a Tagalog one, because my own-voices Filipino novel deserves its own music in its own language. But I fussed at the melody and the lyrics; they just won’t stick together. Thankfully, I slept on it, and on the 12th, I had something solid. Then, on the 13th—wait, wasn’t this supposed to be a Week in Tweets entry?


About this time, grasping that rope was a little harder, especially when you don’t know if you’re heading somewhere other than here.


Hands on my heart.

Also, if you’re interested at the song I just made, one line includes:

Here’s a short fiction that’s not actually fiction…


On the 13th, when nothing seems to be happening in my life, this was my only tweet:


And then, LOOK HOW GOD TURNED THINGS AROUND. I had an unexpected request for a full BUT I was afraid to open the email because I kept telling myself, it’s most probably a “no.”

With that, your old lady made final grammar checks and changes, then sent her little bird to fly. I think I made the wrong decision of telling the agent I had revised, in which the 2 week revision completely overhauled the intro and the cadence (not the pacing nor the plot, just the words). But, still. 3rd. A full when I never thought it will be liked.


SO ETO NA NGA. The next day, I got an email reply from the same wonderful agent and I had a sudden heart attack, thinking, “She’s read it! She didn’t want it! If she did, the subject line would be a proposal, not a query reply!” AND THE WHOLE DAY, I FRETTED AND AVOIDED THAT EMAIL. Until, well, when it finally sunk in that I can do nothing about a no.

BUT! I get to live another day! The agent just thanked me for sending her my MS and she’d be in touch soon. DIBA NAKAKA-STRESS?

Anyways, my brother has Krispy Kremes for me so Imma eat it

Chiba was so sick yesterday, he was coughing bad and would not eat. I kept checking on him every hour that morning, hoping he’d get better, trying to feed him things.

And by afternoon, after eating a piece of broas (and coughing out some yellow slime that must have been poisoning him), he’s back!

Final things: This week, I wrote a nice rhyme and edited a flash fiction which I dearly love and WILL send to poc-loving lit magazines when I get the chance. I know I’m doomed to get my no’s. But I am also promised a yes, and I am working my way to that. This is the week where I finished a satisfying revision #27 or so, and I finished the story with a hanging ending to make way for the other hero’s part, something which I am currently brewing. I know that this story isn’t a banger or a stunner, but I wrote it with all the cheesiness and sunshine and lightheartedness I could find under my hemisphere, and I only wish, that among the many dark and heart-wrenching books out there, it’ll make you smile. And somehow, strong. x