I’m up in the morning with a cough and a cold and a few tasks I need to write. The day must go on. I’m not a fan of the ugly peals of thunder coming from my throat, but well, in order to get better, one must get through ugly things. That’s the only con part of the day, so far, and if I don’t mind it too much, I’m going to smash the next less-than-24-hours without being that nuisance.

And so, here are my tweets that made my week:


One of my former clients revamped their site, causing me to lose the links to my public content. I’m now safeguarding my works by FINALLY “ripping” pages to PDF form as proofs.


Okay; I didn’t know about the upcoming birthday, and I didn’t know I was invited to be a part of it. But we already said yes to a special family event, and I couldn’t come, but that didn’t mean I couldn’t give a gift. And look, God, the God of foreseen future, actually had plans. On Monday, I was panic-online-shopping so that the item can get here before Friday. But the delivery time was estimated on the 27th, past her birthday. I realized, then, that the gift I could give was *already* here: a lovely Nica bag I never used, never unfurled outside its case.

(And then, in order to replace my loss, I had bought a new black vinyl Lipault bag which is just gorgeous.)

Jasmine contacted me!


Don’t get me wrong. I love Oto but her indecisiveness is making me dislike her character. Like, a lot. I couldn’t even dare to see her “Da ne?” face. It ruins everything for me.

This is the day I started getting sick.


It’s my brother’s birthday! And my dog ran out of the gate first thing in the morning! And my dad chased him back!


This was my only sane tweet on a Friday. Where I was, mostly, laying in bed. But I did a few assignments and tried to do another until I couldn’t. Rest is IMPORTANT.


We’re off to a black-tie event today and I’m trying to reduce my next week’s assignments in case I get the chance to head to a nearby LTO to get my driver’s exam. Hopefully, I get done with one! Meanwhile, here’s Annie being the wonderful person she is: