Oh, this week had a lot of stories (rubs hands with a smirk on the face). Not necessarily great ones, but good enough to make me sit back and breathe out a word of thanks every now and than. Just as always, I have my in spite of despite ofs, as every other human being does, but the past seven days is where I leaned in closer to heaven’s wall and listened to God work behind the clock, which He did. He always did.

Blurting this out there, but recently, we’ve been watching the high and low tide calendar like our lives depended on it. This storm season, there have been immense flooding in our subdivision, usually occurring when the waters bloat and the sewage brims and the gentleman who owns this place kept building and building and building sub-subdivisions that, well, ruined our streets. We never thought it would flood here, but some ten years later, there’s water sitting out of our gates every now and then.

Check out my week in tweets, after quite a long time of not doing it.


We love PAGASA. We love our weathermen and we look up to them when there’s news of tropical depression aiming at us. This week, we were expecting a very gusty guest, but, well, after knocking at our door, it came in a vision we did not expect.


I thought some plans are to be cancelled because of heavy rains, but the heavy rains passed through and would not make a return. Today, other than the flood, was ultimately a good day.

A good day to book a flight and settle payments like an adult.

I never used offline payments because online ones are my safety net; I see the deets as soon as I pay for them. So today, after realizing the mall’s ATM didn’t have cash, and I had to walk to the nearest bank to slash off an amount from my SAVINGS money, pay at the service center and then bite my fingers the whole time while waiting for the ticket confirmation on my mail, this.

Excuse me guys, but I have never written such decadent poetry as this:


I GOT IT! After the nail-biting and the stomach-churning, hope-losing night, I finally got our tickets!

Meanwhile, this is me regarding songs I have finished, sounded good, but didn’t get anywhere:

And this is me about the internet’s argument about Starbucks pulling out plastic straws two years from now (and the capitalism of metal straws)


Would you believe I dreamt about a salon? In a junkyard? And a crowd watching while I get my nails done?



DO YOURSELF A FAVOR and read this thread about my nighttime terror with a spider!

Meanwhile, my day is summarized as a fascination of the Tudor era

In the morning, my family asked me if I was able to sleep, because the last time they saw me, I was cautiously entering my room with my jumpy nerves after the spider-murder (sorry, pal, you went into the wrong territory). And yes, I slept. I slept really well and I think my dream has something to do with querying. It’s been a long journey, but I am happy to take it, because for the first time, I found something I really liked. I hope to find a lot of things I like in the near future, so I can give my all to them without any disdain. Who knows? I might start my own brand!

Happy Saturday, folks. And always breathe gratitude. x