I can’t recall living a particular week where 3 tropical depressions – that’s right, 3 typhoons – entered the Philippines and wreaked havoc in their own special way. No, not until today. This morning, the tropical depression Inday left what we all know as PAR (Philippine Area of Responsibility, in which I realize I sound like a weatherman now), but of course, someone has to take her place in producing consistent wind gusts and rainfall as if the first two didn’t do much damage.

For the entire week, our streets were completely covered with water, all green and dirty with floating things and once-alive creatures that made me rethink my life choices. We gotta do something now. Now that we’re not the only generation who has to benefit from Earth’s amazing bounty of resources. Which, I am sad to say, we have greedily consumed.

Alright, aside from my deep-heaved sighs of regret with what’s going on in the world (including our remorseful bunch of officials who keep stabbing each other’s backs and a head who has completely gone out of his head), here’s my Week in Tweets.


I told myself to “keep walking” this year. Now, it’s run.


Henry reared its wet head and spewed lots and lots of rain on the country.

I need you to see this and OPEN YOUR EYES


Me to myself: This MONTH? You had NO idea it will be THIS WEEK, right?


This is the only tweet I made on the 19th. Yes, I am serious.



Also, I get to watch Kiki’s Delivery Service on, where else but Disney Channel?


So, this morning, I receive e-mails I wasn’t actually waiting for, and for a moment there my heart felt heavy. It’s going to be another change. But God brought me here, made them beautiful channels of blessings for me, and I am sure God will provide in my coming journeys. I’m ready. And I’m grateful.