It was Rosé who said, “Hot pink is not the best pink. It’s baby pink. Ba-by pink!” And I’d agree, because I love soft, unassuming colors, and this one is just aesthetically beautiful against the classic grays and black. I’m a coral fan myself, but it speaks too friendly and bright on social media, plus, it’s a summer color, and a splash of gray fits my very moody self, and so this color is perfect for me – who is also a baby of some sorts.

For the last three days, my Facebook page has gotten a nice overhaul. You know, after staff writing for Amy Udani’s Eluminati for many months, I get to learn a lot about branding. Reading, and writing, does get you somewhere. And now, I’ve finally ditched the name Caris Creates Things so I can focus on just one, all-consuming hello.

Bid your warmest greetings to Hello Caris, the Blog.

Of course, a brand new name means a brand new look, and to pull this site’s colors, I have designed my social media banners to fit the brand. I love memes (I mean, don’t you?), and for this one, I’ve incorporated the repetitive words and a punchline. It’s supremely minimalist. I hope you’re not the type who gets mad at too many greetings.

This one is my main header, simply because it’s the one that turned out nicely from the rest of the designs I made. It’s simple, straightforward, and makes use of a black-and-white photo I took from the flowers in Baguio last year.

Hello Caris is such a cutesy name – nothing intimidating – but I love how it puts you at ease and makes you feel not alone. Besides, I’ve been existing in this space with that brand for years. Why give up the child and the cute?
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