Hit the desk. Hit the desk. On a Monday morning, when a storm passed when I was yet sleeping, I’m officially back to work. Last week was a whole week of waiting and writing, but it gave me new opportunities to see things in a new light. And though I am breaking the code, I still has to close a door, because how many times have I tried to write The Weekend Closing #121 and never posted it?

So very wrong.

Here’s an update: I have queried. Three, in fact. Last week, I had the urge to edit the last parts of my manuscript, which includes an EXTRA chapter that is the dearest to me. It’s probably the most YA-ish thing in my story, and it doesn’t involve any of the messes other than the two romantic leads. That’s right, folks. I have given my heroine to the 2nd main guy. 2NDs, REJOICE. I have hopes for you!

This final chapter also gives a hint at, well, there’s another storm season yet coming. Without the literal storm.

I may have blogged about this, but I have a new notebook, it has doodles in it, and I have plans for 5T1 and for reals, I am getting a lot of Nodame Cantabile vibes in it. F’s adventure is far different than E’s, but I love both of them equally, because they’re such soft and flawed characters that needed help in order to be better.

Back to the querying part: last month, a very lovely agent asked for my full and I sent her a revision, with a letter (slapped on to the synopsis, OF ALL THINGS), and I knew I did wrong. But I was honest, and I laid out all my shining cards instead of giving her old words at the back pile of my Word documents. I would, in my chest of chests, love to have her represent me, but the reality is that there’s a greater percentage she might’n’t. And I already accepted that part.

So, this season, I’m spending more time researching AS IF I’m going to run out of agents to submit to (I think I haven’t queried more than 25). It’s actually hard, especially that you have to wait to get a response from one agent before moving on to another in the same agency. There was one agency who took a look at my work and said, “Off you go, kid, this is not for us” (which is not worded like that but you get my point).

Waiting is hard. Waiting is cruel.

But waiting makes you see things, if you look again closely.

We watched Ant-man and the Wasp! And Michelle Pfiefer was a GODDESS. How could she look so damn gorgeous like that? I need to know her secret. I have to age as gloriously as her. Does it involve some quantum serum?

To be honest, I love Ant-man’s storyline and how diverse AND warm the cast is, but I sat there for more than an hour and when the credits rolled, there was an unsatisfied feeling in my stomach. AND I ATE A WHOLE CHAMP BURGER. What about Ghost? What’s her significance? Are we going to see her again (as much as I like the actress, I don’t want to)? And why is Bill Foster overly dramatic like that?

Paul Rudd, my man, you still have those beautiful eyes but we all know Evangeline smashed this.

There is always learning. There’s always a struggle in it. There’s always an option, an opinion, but we should learn to know when to pick them at best times. This Sunday, I learned that patience is a virtue. My dad is an epitome of it. How I wished I could be like him. Unfortunately, all I could do is write my life with poems and songs and dream of walls breaking away.

I didn’t write My Week in Tweets, and if you’re wondering, here’s what happened:

I sort of looked… bored?


When writing, there’s drawing

Paid my income tax! Probably the biggest, so far!

You wouldn’t believe me but this self-talk was brought about by a spider.

Let’s skip to the good part, shall we

Yup. Never, ever, ever fail.