I am glad to tell you I don’t work on weekends. I don’t work on weekdays, too, if you’re asking. By work, I meant, “stressing out and making constipated emotions because of loads of to-do things.” My clients are the best. Writing for them has been more of a valuable learning experience for me. I mean, I get to read things, discover things, re-digest things and have the platform to create things, with them! Lucky you; if you’re looking for a copywriter who is crazy about your brand (if your brand is crazy about making a difference), here’s me! I’m raising my hand!

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Now, onto the personal stuff!

It has been raining a lot, again, recently, and this weekend is paired with bad news: flood, high tide, and lots of strong downpours. On Friday morning, I woke up to a storm at 3 AM, with thunder barging through my window and the winds blowing my curtains like we’re engulfed in a hurricane. Today, there’s water outside our gates. Tomorrow, I’m afraid we have to plow through the flood to get to church.

But! Enough of tomorrow! Who worries about things yet to happen? (I do) No; what we should do is look back this past week. Here’s my week in tweets:



I love this tweet so much, I’m putting it on my epitaph.


Why do I have this big amount of positivity here???


This was me when I sent a partial to an agent I just queried last week. OF COURSE I AM NERVOUS.

And to keep my head off creating blown-up ideas, I started outlining another work-in-progress:


There’s got to be a strange dream in a week and this was it. IT ALSO MADE NO SENSE.


On Friday, I received a full manuscript rejection, but do you want to know what breaks my heart the most?

So, there’s my week: writing, revising, querying, writing, emailing, proposing, crying in a corner, eating sweets, writing, reading, writing, submitting, tweeting, instagramming, emailing, crying in a corner, sleeping; not necessarily in that order. And in this somewhat meager life filled with mostly words for company, where little joys like epiphanies and poetry and songs bring me color, I am still thankful. Whenever I sit down behind my desk, I just inhale the fact that to be doing this (getting rewarded with income and nice people for clients) is already a blessing. And to get somewhere a bit farther? Well, that would be a lovely miracle.