I have no words to describe this week. I also have no Wi-Fi. Yup, that’s right. Me, here, posting this? It’s a miracle. Let’s push that miracle up.

Last Saturday, I’ve been rambling about Habagat and floods but you have no idea how it got worse on Sunday. Literally THE worst. So worse that at night, my dad got stranded at McDonald’s because our subdivision was too flooded for his car to plow in. We were awake at night, waiting for the water to recede, WHICH DIDN’T, and so our beloved old man slept in his car and used the newly-opened McD’s for his lounge and CR to pass the night. Good thing, the staff were so kind to accomodate him.

And let’s not talk about Monday. On Monday morning, my brother went out and walked through the flood to fetch our dad who needed a change of clothes since his car was best out, not inside, of our garage. We had to shut one of the breakers because the waters were reaching one of the outlets. Good thing we had a lot of extensions. And probably, patience.

Dad walked through the waters once more when he was called to help the DS with the relief goods for the churches, which meant spending the day buying and packing stuff, and then walking back home later in the evening when he was dark and his eyesight wasn’t good, but he made it. God let him make it. If he didn’t make it seem easy and natural, it wouldn’t be exciting to go out of the house and dip our feet into the murky, dirty flood.

My brother went to work on Thursday. I went to pay my tax, and when I got to the bank, the employee told me the form has been obsolete and my monthly dues are now to be paid quarterly. Took me a while to realize it was actually a lifesaver instead of a hassle!

We’ve had internet and electricity during the flood, and now that it’s almost ended, that’s another story. Since yesterday, I’ve been researching and submitting works using the tethered data from my phone. DATA. This post got to you because of the limited bandwidth I have in my account, so before it all runs out, let me tell you what happened in tweets:



Pan de sal guy never fails.

But I made a love song


A reminder when you’re keeping too much of yourself:




I’m serious guys. This dream terrified me to the bones. It’s not even horror.




Anxiety says hi.

Hillsong Worship’s SEASONS is my new favorite song.


Today, I revel in the tiny drip of signal my mobile data provides me

We survived this week, and you did, too. We’re all conquerors here, clinging to tiny paper boats and unsung songs and poetry in old notebooks, left forgotten. We’re here. We’re alive. Remind someone else of this. Share your sunshine when the rest are under a raincloud. We’re just passing through seasons. Seasons don’t stay for long. Even Habagat. x