It was Thursday last week when our phone lines went down. Thursday when my tricycle passed by a fizzing live wire after the men told the driver to take only the right part of the road. Thursday of the week when a very eventful flooding happened. It did not stopped flooding since then. And we had no internet.

So, imagine my joy, when for the first time, I heard the dial tone rang sometime before 4 p.m. yesterday. It was a feeling of relief! Of course, when you’ve been detached to something you intrinsically needed, like internet, having it taken from you all of a sudden was not easy to accept. But the past 9 days has been a season of learning, and I did, many things, and somehow, I am glad that it happened, because 1.) it showed me I can survive 2.) it showed me what’s possible and 3.) it taught me not to take these very familiar things for granted.

A lot of people helped us get our communication back, and so, this blog is a curtsy to Pastora Beth who nudged the staff for at least two days to get everything in order. And a shoutout to the PLDT Cares staff who replied as I whine on social media. And they’re also following me, so I better write this post appropriately.

This, my friends, is how this no-Wi-Fi week went:


Here is my little furry, living a life of no worry.

I just watched Collateral Beauty yesterday (by that, I meant Friday), and I was like, “Now haven’t I watched this before?” And then, this tweet:

I need to watch movies at least 3 times: the first, to be entertained; the second, to understand what I’ve missed AFTER knowing the entire plot; and the third, to simply just laugh at it because I KNOW WHAT’S GONG TO HAPPEN, Y’ALL.


#VisibleWomen is good but can you imagine loading all those HD images in DATA?


This particular morning, I found myself in the regular graciousness of Annie Stoll.


Was near breaking up but who am I kidding? I don’t want a foreign telco to handle my connection. Better do your work, PLDT.

You have no idea how I spent the rest of the day AFTER this dream

But at least there’s a picture of a cat:


On the 9th day of no internet, things started to happen.

And so, here’s a picture of a flower in bloom

I received a rejection early this morning and it’s was lighter to bear, especially knowing that the story alone was tricky, verging on impossible, to put out there. I’ve read agent tweets regarding their subjective choices: most of the time, they select a genre they are comfortable with, uses a setting they understand, and since they will be doing edits along with the author during the sub, then need to be fully immersed with it. The ball of yarn I wounded up is quite a mess, to be frank, and I intend to submit on PitchWars this Monday, just maybe for luck, and to have another pair of eyes examine what I do. I’m not hoping for anything. H&S is already difficult to do, and maybe to even picture out.

All I am waiting for, right now, is a miracle.