Don’t put that brush down, darling. It’s beautiful. It’s odd. It’s
irregular, just like you
and the pigment of your skin, the warts on your arms
like little gems you wanted to pick and pull away but
an Artist put it there; it is not an accident
that you are brown
or yellow
or black; it wasn’t paint spill
you are carefully planned, like a blueprint of a castle in gold, jade and ivory
Under your skin, there’s something strong and shining and unbreakable, not bones
but brilliance
Don’t hide it. Don’t put yourself away like the paper you crumpled, no
you are not flimsy
or fragile
only irregular, just as everyone else
You shout with lines and patterns and colors into the world
You are an art making art and it’s all that matters

First appeared on Dream on Youth. Excerpts found in 2018’s 365 Wonders Journal.