It’s September! It really is! A dry, icy chill pressed upon us this morning. I woke up at 5 a.m., and the next thing I know when I opened my eyes, it was 7. Time really does fly when you’re sleeping. Especially when it’s cold.

My dad brought us good news yesterday: there’s air-conditioning in the parsonage! That means my old man can now sleep comfortably, especially on warmer days. Thank you, SIUMC. I hope that air-con serves many pastors in the years to come.

I promised my SIUMC kids that we’ll be practicing our Christmas play songs as soon as the -ber months hit, so I am slated to write on the good ‘ole Manila paper this afternoon. But before that, I want to squeeze in this post, because this week has been a lovely miracle for me, not in tangible ways, but in inner epiphanies, and I am so thankful for these small wins.

Here we go.


Speak it. Pray for it. Live it.


In my head, only a small number of people pay attention to documentaries; as much as possible, when you go home at night after work, you want to be entertained. But these documentaries are gems, and they sweep off the giant veil that obstructs us from understanding the inner lives of our fellow men. This night, I had a newfound respect to the people unreached by our comforts, and to the reporters who seek their stories.


Summary of my life whenever I send out a query:

…and there has never been a more appropriate way to facepalm, or to be specific, stairhit, myself

So, in order to distract me from my recent heartbreak, I started writing. I mean, rewriting.

Then, slowly, truths dawn upon you like the way the sky changes at dusk and allows the moon to shine.

Epiphanies, my friends, are beautiful. I guess I’ll be taking #TweetYourEpipanies in my future eurekas?


Anne of Green Gables is one of my favorite classics but this adaptation made Anne feel like an out-of-place modern teeny-bopper. And isn’t Gilbert supposed to be burly? IDK

I listened to this song later that day and I still got all the feels. THEY ARE STILL STRONG.


The last day of August meant the last day of drafting this thing!

The good news: the thing has been drafted!

I’d like to thank my entire discography of AQUA TIMEZ for plunging me into the out-of-this-world horrors of this piece’s concept. I have never wanted to kill anyone but my insides kept saying, “For the good of Corona.”

FLASHBACK: Sometime this January, I tweeted this:

And I was talking about THIS. THIS piece. I was thinking of publishing it on Amazon, but I think it’s a saving grace that I forgot it, because if I’d be given a chance to choose, I want to debut with a book. With old-wood-scented pages. Never mind the publisher. I just want a book I can touch.

To celebrate these minor manuscript milestones, I bring you:

Later in the evening, the lovely Kess Costales tweeted this, immediately sending me to a teary whirl:

And I am going to say this: I felt this big, solid gut in my chest. I realized that, for the longest time, I have been people-deprived. I denied myself companionship on a daily basis, thinking that opinions will sway me. Loneliness helped me forge my gravity, but it also took away my need to make mistakes, offend, be offended, make up for it, and move on. I have been, to my dismay, a less stronger human being.

This is the reason why the smallest acts of kindness make me cry. This is the reason why interactions with human beings scare me to death. And I only realized that now.

But above all these realizations was this: God has been patient with me. He didn’t force me to get out my cave, knowing that it will emotionally, socially and intellectually help me. He waited. He waited for me to recognize the flaw in my choices so that I’ll choose the better road. Just thinking of that made me realize how loved and privileged I have been.

And now, His waiting is over. I intend to grow. I intend to grow out. Thank you all for your patience.