V. M. was right: I had problems with my pacing. When you’ve been writing what you wanted, as all other writers adviced, you lose sight of the important things that is taste and aroma. By aroma, I meant the lingering feeling of a certain scene. And since I patterned my writing to the snappy scenes of graphic novels, some parts of the plots go too fast, they don’t make sense.

Writers, I share to you a lesson: Do not write a scenes that are too abrupt they don’t make an impact. Give those scenes respect. Let them linger. Let them creep into the hearts of your readers. If you cannot expound an idea to something readers can connect, DO NOT WRITE IT.

Yes, my MS is now undergoing a major overhaul. Now, onto the tweets!


Monday + monsoon rains = worse combination

On the first weekday of September where a station invited Mr. Jose Mari Chan to sing in their morning program, we ate puto + bibingka for dinner.


This is where it hit me but God cushioned my heart.

Finished my first pass revision for what-was-known-as-Mirage!


I have a favor to ask you:

The major overhaul starts on a Thursday right after (ulk!) I did a thing. I mean, things. And I can’t take them back, which means I have to move forward.



I am also that angry, smol girl who’d be using her pen to spark a revolt.


Chapter 2 had so much bounce in it, I want it to be the energy for the entire story. The voice is glorious, and I am still confused what pushed me to it.

Last but not the least, you are just in time, darling. x