Excuse me. I’m under a strange writing spell that some of these words will sound melodious, and some will not. Last night, I wrote something that I’ve long missed, gunned by a whole day of listening to local songs. Whatever line hits the note, you will know, I won’t. I’m just a writer. I’m bleeding words.

Yesterday, I finished my recent revision for my MS, and by revision, I meant the never-ending touch-up of words, because they’ll never be perfect, even when they go to print. If they go to print. But if there was a silver lining from the dark clouds of September, I’ve found a heart, and it grew patience, even in just a tiny sprout. And sprouts are enough, for they will blossom intro trees, compared to not having none at all. This season, patience is the virtue God has been trying to grow in me, and I am thankful for HIS patience. I’m such an obstinate delinquent that I always break away from the form I’m being formed, but slowly, I’m taking shape. I’m letting these invisible hands curb and curve me.

Now, this week, I rolled up my sleeves and jumped into my MS, thankful that it wasn’t as hard as I thought. My mom was out for most of the week, which required me to wake up in the wee hours of dawn, but I found this new routine relaxing, for writing at 4 am had great effects on me, and let me take my time in creating. By 8 am, I’d be back to work; which meant productivity doubled. There’s no doubt: I am a morning person. And to be honest, for me, it’s healthier, physical and mentally-wise.

Onto the tweets?


What lesson did El Nido taught me? THIS:

Not eavesdropping, but you see, houses in our subdivision were slated so close, our neighbor’s wall was affixed to OUR firewall. And so, at midnight, I heard something terrifying; children crying, men howling, threats spewing, and if one thread breaks, someone would have been beaten. My heart ached for the kids.


Me: What a nice day to watch an MG movie
Movie: Think again


Some thoughts at 5:30 a.m.

The new inserts for this manuscript grabbed me and wrecked me and this was all I could say:

Also: HOORAY! The haircut happened!


Look! Look! THIS IS FINALLY HAPPENING. I now have feelings about her! She’s not just a wallflower anymore!

This is my season.


Okay. You don’t want to wake up being chased by a guy holding an ice pick. Because I just did, and it felt terrifying.

I’m going to put this here.


I wrote a song.


And everything felt wonderful, I’m still carrying the feelings.

Tomorrow is the last of September. The last, would you believe? All the storms and the waves and the big rocks I’ve encountered this month taught me great lessons. And know what? I’ll be gathering more. Because the stones and gravel may look ugly, but they’re crucial on my becoming a mountain. I’m on my way.