Happy first week of October! I’m saying this with a giddy face and a mouth stretched wide because, Halloween! Thanksgiving! And Christmas! It’s the most wonderful quarter of the year, and I’m feeling the highs. People are bent on spending and earning and giving their loved ones with gifts and gestures. It’s a season of hearts, far more romantic than Valentine’s (which only lasts for what, a day?). I’m in for it.

There are things I’m still waiting for, and doesn’t seem like they’re coming, but there are things that came which I never waited for, which made everything quits. I guess we don’t map out life. There’s always something that will get lost in the lines we draw. And it’s good. It’s adventure. It’s the uncertainties that make us bolder, brighter and more content.

I hope you’ve grown fond of your uncertainties.

Let’s dive into my week, shall we?


This, I promise you. And I will know you so well, no words will be lost in the gaps.


I have recently used an app called Slowly, and even though I don’t respond as much, I’d like to use these communication platforms to reach out and send nice things, like warm hugs and sparkling feelings. I also have re-opened my Tiny Letter!


So, this is a really funny story. I lost an account. My account. I’ve logged in a newsletter platform, and it returned a message that it has deactivated my account for some reason I don’t know. When I emailed them, the rep said that I have not used the app for a loooong time, which was weird, because I just logged in last, um, month? And then I realized that I have been logging in with the WRONG creds. Hay nako.

Get ready. My kids are coming out to get you.


I had this bad gut in my stomach when BIR decided to take monthly percentages quarterly. And it happened. Bad move, tax people. Bad move.


This is me watching MG films that, um, didn’t turn out to be MG-ish, but still nice. This is me realizing that I did the same with MY manuscript. I’m sorry.


I had a funny dream last night and I tried my best to remember it so I could share it to you!

God’s doing things in you, right now, hidden behind the curtains, waiting for the right time to unveil everything under a spotlight. If you’re in the middle of pain, of waiting, of uncertainties, celebrate where you are. God’s doing things. You’re moving forward.x