Hello! I’m Caris Cruz. I write about things that inspire hearts to be braver and kinder. My passion? To tell a great story. To connect humans to a narrative. That’s what words are meant to do: to echo a message loud and clear, to linger, to leave a mark and a beautiful memory. Reading should be a transforming experience.

I work as a freelance writer and offer exuberant content support to small businesses and startups on a mission to do good. My mission: to cultivate words for passion-driven businesses eager to make this world a better place. And no, it’s not about the glossing things over. I think the story is about you  — an entrepreneur, a creative genius, or a beautiful human being with something to tell. You want to share your journey. You believe in your product and there’s a market out there who will share your vision.

My goal is to help you explore the possibilities of finding and building your own community through well-researched, hearty content

I’ve had the honor of writing for these brands:

Folk + Follow | Claret Rondel | Cyclomundo | Wild Wagon Co. | Karma Kiss

A Bit About Me

  • I worked as a feature writer for the Thailand-based publication, Luxury Living Mag
  • Currently, I’m finishing a manuscript about a mysterious band who makes music in a Philippine-inspired setting
  • I write poetry in The Most Unlikely.
  • The wonderful Chelsea Triano featured me on the Dream On Youth blog!
  • I am proudly part of the Annie Stoll & Kevin Jay Stanton curated anthology, 1001 Knights
  • Will ramble endlessly about fashion, Japanese animation and green tea. Also: I’m a ONE OK ROCK fan
  • I am a children’s mission volunteer



For any inquiries, please send me an email through info@hellocaris.com